You can be a filter or you can buy a filter!

Do you have water problems including odor, poor taste, off color, sediment, iron, & PH balance?

Jones Air & Water Treatment offers a wide variety of media based filtration products specially designed to meet and correct each customers individual needs. Our systems are custom built using Clack Valves & Components with Hellenbrand controls.

We at Jones Air & Water Treatment can test YOUR water to help determine the system that best address your particular needs.

Hellenbrand ozone

 Hellenbrand Ozone Water Filtration System

Hellenbrand Storm produces natures form of cleansing (ozone) in the top of the tank before water enters media.  This precipitates iron & odor so the custom media can remove the particles prior to entering home or business keeping salt consumption of water softener down dramatically and giving clean clear water that tastes and works great.  System sizes from 6 to 14 gpm




Ecosmarte Water Filtration System

Chemical Free ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Water Treatment!
No Salt, No Chlorine, No Scale, No Bacteria
Pools, Ponds, Spas, Water Falls, Water Walls, Cooling Towers & Well Water!


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Next-R/O Water Filtration System


Most Efficient Compact Residential Reverse Osmosis!– Installs to fridge, coffee makers, ice makers and sink.- Clean clear full ice cubes, Great tasting beverages and food!

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Reg Price 845.00 Sale 745.00

Includes install tax, custom faucet, and hookup to fridge!



Drinking Water Systems: Jones Air & Water offers Water Purification Systems for high purity tap water

  • Hydrotech R/O : Since 1970 helping the worlds water.   As seen installed for just $595.00  in local area only
  • Next R/O:  This compact machine offers the most efficiency with the smallest footprint of any drinking water system.  It also features the only 1 to 1 ratio of water production due to it’s unique and pattented water to water dispensing.  This product installed with custom faucet and hooked to fridge in local area for $745.00

Installation performed by certified personel to local codes with full port water tap!

Plastic Island Boater
It all washes to the oceans!

Plastic bottles from water are overflowing landfills, causing plastic islands in the oceans the size of Texas, and use millions of barrels of oil each year to produce ~

Save thousands of dollars and help the environment!

Purchase your own water purifying system!